• "It was awesome! Everyone loved the food. In the end, we had too much, but that is the way it goes."

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  • "It was just fantastic."

    Catering Customer
  • "Everything was amazing. I heard nothing but praise and excitement from my coworkers ( and your reputation preceded you, faces were lighting up when folks heard what we were having) Also Thank you very much for being accommodating of our dietary preferences."

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Nong’s Spread

FOR 20 – 500 PEOPLE

A create-your-own Nong’s bowl. Comes with up to three meat choices, steam broccoli, KMG rice(jasmine rice cooked in chicken stock and thai herbs),white rice or brown rice, pickles, boil eggs, Nong’s famous Khao Man Gai sauce (Gluten free available), house made peanut sauce(GF)

Choice A: Just Chicken

Vegetarian option available upon request.


  • KMG rice (jasmine rice cooked in chicken stock and Thai herbs)
  • Brown rice or White rice
  • Steam Broccoli
  • Pickles (Cucumbers,ginger, shallots, thai chilis)
  • Nong’s famous Khao Man Gai sauce
  • Housemade Peanut Sauce
*20% set up and delivery fee added to each order
*24 hours advance notice for all orders

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