Ingredients & Directions


1 crab (ours was 2lbs in the video)
500 ml of coconut milk (we recommend Aroy-D brand)
200 ml of water
2 tbsp of Thai curry paste
2 tbsp of palm sugar (any sugar is fine)
1 tbsp of fish sauce


Bring a pot of water to a boil and cook the whole crab in the boiling water for 7 mins per pound. Once cooked, place the crab in an ice bath to cool it down. Then, remove the meat and set aside.

To make the curry sauce, first heat up the cream from the coconut milk over low heat.

Add the curry paste and mix until it’s aromatic.

Add the rest of the coconut milk and water to the pot.

Bring the pot to boil.

Add the sugar and fish sauce. Note that you want the curry sauce to taste a bit under salted. It will balance out when add crab meat, which is naturally salty from the sea.

Add crab meat and return the pot to a boil until heated through.

Serve and garnish it with dill or Thai basil leaves.