Grill marinade tuna with Nong’s sauce

Grill marinade tuna with Nong’s sauce

Level easy! Time 10 mins


1/2 lbs of tuna (we use fresh Oregon Albacore tuna)

4 tbsp of Nong’s Sauce

1 tsp of Honey (we use Tugwell creek honey from Sooke, BC)

pinch of sea salt

2 tsp of good sesame oil (we use Shirakiku Saseme oil from Japan, recommended)


Let’s do it!

1. Cut tuna in small bite sizes

2. Mix everything in the bowl

3. Marinade for 3 mins. (yes we did 3 mins and it tastes good)

4. Broil on HI for 3 mins for medium rare. You can cook longer if you want

It’s ready! People wouldn’t know you pull that off in 10 mins!